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I am Steffen Freitag, and I was born in Rostock

After completing my secondary education (with a German “Abitur”), I went on to complete studies in marketing communication and DTP graphic arts

After working for 12 years as a graphic artist in marketing and communications at a major corporation, it was time for a career change

Training in massage
2016 • Thai Foot Reflexology Massage (ITM)
2011 • Seminar on Dorn-Breuß-Massage (TOP-PHYSIO)
2010 • Seminar on Tibetan singing bowl sound massage (Paracelsus Heilpraktikerschulen)
Self-employed since March 2010
2009 and 2010 • Seminar on foot massage (Paracelsus Heilpraktikerschulen)
2009 • Participation in seminars covering herbal stamp massage, hot stone massage, and cocoa massage (Paracelsus Heilpraktikerschulen)
2009 • Training as a massage practitioner for holistic massage (“Massagepraktiker für Holistische Massage”), Centro Delfino Akademie